Got to Start Somewhere

Well, this is the first “Hello World” post of the new Vanderbilt University’s Visual Resources Center blog.  I think I will use this post as more for setting the ground rules for myself by establishing a “what can you expect from this page” situation.  When I thought about starting a blog, I did it with the intentions of creating a place where people could quickly check and see what changes were being made in the VRC.  However, I was thinking that it might be useful to make this a springboard for aggregating all news and information that would be useful in knowing where to find images, how to use them, and what technology is around that could make all the tasks even easier.  So announcements and helpful tips.  I will be writing some of these myself but with a staff full of great writers you will be reading great posts from the likes of Ginger, Fay, and others.  Stayed tuned for the next few days we will jump in and let all of you know what we have been up to these last few months.


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