It may not be cake, but it sure is Delicious!

I don’t know about you but as a college student as Vanderbilt, my life revolves around my computer. I know that may sound a little sad and nerdy, but ask any student on campus and I am sure that they will attest they could not go a day without their handy and trusted laptop. In fact, I cried when I saw my Mac again for the first time after spending a month in Guatemala this summer. Yep, I am that attached. However, whether or not you agree with our dependency on technology in the modern world, no one can deny that computers and web based programs are able to organize our work, structure our tasks, and enhance access to knowledge in a university setting. In fact, I was recently introduced to one of these technological applications that make life a thousand times easier just last week. While chocolate cake may be tasty, this social bookmarking web site is so Delicious I am sure it will become a new obsession that will make my addiction to my computer all the more acceptable.

As I mentioned above, Delicious is a program that uses a classification system of index terms to organize websites. Users can ‘tag’ their favorite bookmarks online with key phrases. These terms can be anything and everything. Multiple terms can be added to users’ bookmarks to organize topics, projects, and interests. The great thing about Delicious is that it combines the tags of from user’s bookmarks and adds them to the site’s community of links. For example, I tagged one bookmark I am using for my research about the medicinal plants of Guatemala with ‘Medicine’. From this tag, I can find similar tags, such as ‘health’ and ‘consumer_health’. Moreover, I can simply click on this tag to find what other links people have labeled with this tag. It is like a Facebook for bookmarks! Because of Delicious’s ability to synthesize what Screenshot ‘hot’ or ‘popular’ on its home page, the site is a great way to track Internet trends and crazes.

Another wonderful aspect of delicious is that users are able to access their bookmarks and tags from any computer. Thus, if you were every having technical troubles with your computer, favorites sites would still be saved and could be found with simple Internet access. Further, Delicious adds simple icons on the top of you windows browser for convenient use in creating tags, marking websites, and categorizing information. In addition to these icons, a simple sidebar allows a handy reference for all of your personalized tags and bookmarks that opens at anytime. What this means, is more personal and user-friendly method to scanning the Internet and learning the web. For me, it means more ways to coordinate my unhealthy online shopping habit, and maybe the occasional research paper.

In conclusion, Delicious is a necessity for anyone who relies his or her computer as much as a college student. It is more than just a social bookmarking site, but a tool that will augment a user’s experience and interaction with the web. Thanks to my wonderful boss Chris, I will continue to fuel my obsession with Delicious in my daily interactions with the web. I encourage everyone who wants a sweet touch to his or her bookmarks to check out Delicious, and take advantage of the wide range of services it offers to the Internet community.

-Katie Screenshot

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