Matthew Isner Joins Visual Resources Center

The Visual Resources Center welcomes Matthew Isner as the new assistant visual resources curator in our department. Isner recently came to Vanderbilt from Buffalo, New York, where he was an adjunct professor in the Department of Fine Arts at Canisius College (2011) and taught an Introduction to Art History course from Prehistoric through Gothic Art.

Isner is a doctoral student in the Department of Art History at Pennsylvania State University, where he was an assistant to the curator of the Visual Resources Center (2009-2010) and section instructor for two courses (2006-2010): Ancient to Medieval Art and Renaissance to Modern Art. His doctoral thesis addresses an intriguing theme: “Magic in the Social Sphere: The Amuletic Image in Early Byzantium.”

While at Penn State, Isner was also webmaster (2007-2008) and president (2009-2010) of the Graduate Student Association for Visual Culture.

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