Drawings of Vanderbilt Professor and Alumna On View at the Frist

Drawings by Mark Hosford, associate professor of art, and alumna Kristi Hargrove are on view at the Frist Center’s Conte Community Arts Gallery through October 28. Metamorphoses, which also includes work by Erin Anfinson and Chris Scarborough, features forty-one drawings that reveal novel forms and fragments rendered with consummate skill and juxtaposed in unexpected ways, conveying a sense of mystery and transformation.

“This is an exhibition to which we all can relate,” said Mark Scala, chief curator, Frist Center for the Visual Arts. “Nearly everyone has made some sort of drawing, whether it be free-form doodle or a finished work of art. In the case of Metamorphoses, we see artists combining the unfettered invention of doodling with virtuosic manipulation to create forms that seem both real and dreamlike.”

The title of the exhibit was inspired by Ovid’s interpretations of bodily transformations in ancient mythology, but also connects to the Surrealists’ use of art “to dissolve the veils of the world by imaginatively injecting culture with visions of inner life,” said Scala.

In his Rorschach Series, Hosford playfully alludes to the Surrealists’ idea that psychological truths could be revealed through drawing. He transforms these symmetrical organic forms of the inkblot test by inlaying his own eccentric imagery composed of monstrous creatures and hybrid beings.

Hargrove, who received the bachelor of arts degree from Vanderbilt, pushes the boundaries of pencil, pen, and paper to explore perceptual paradoxes. The result: intimate drawings that hover between abstraction and recognition.

On Thursday, July 12, Hosford, Hargrove, and Anfinson will participate in an artist’s forum beginning at 6:30 p.m. in the Frist Center’s Rechter Room. The event is free and open to the public. ~Fay

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