Vivien Fryd to Lecture in Berlin and Paris This Fall

Vivien Green Fryd, professor of history of art, currently a visiting professor at the John F. Kennedy Institute at the Freie Universität für Nordamerikastudien, Berlin, will lecture in Berlin and Paris this fall. As part of the Kennedy Institute’s lecture series, “The Sixties—America’s Longest Decade,” Fryd will address “The Sixties in American Art History: Media Expansion and Experimentation” in her lecture on November 14. She also will present a lecture, “The Transgenerational Trauma of Slavery in Faith Ringgold’s Slave Rape Story Quilt,” on December 4 in Paris sponsored by the Terra Visiting Professorship Program.

Awarded the visiting professorship by The Terra Foundation for American Art, Fryd is teaching two courses—American Art Since 1945 and American Icons and Monuments—to students in the Kennedy Institute’s American Studies program. The Terra Foundation actively supports and initiates historical American art exhibitions, scholarship, and programs abroad, and finances renowned scholars and professors of American art to teach at this institution in Germany as well as other countries.

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