Divinity School Art Exhibit Explores Spirituality in the Human Face

godheadVanderbilt’s Religion in the Arts and Contemporary Culture Program is hosting an art exhibition entitled godHEAD through Friday, April 26, in the gallery of the Divinity School, room G-20. The gallery, located at 411 21st Avenue South is open Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays from noon to 2 p.m. and by appointment.

The exhibition will focus on how artists are able to capture human qualities beyond the physical when they draw, paint or sculpt the human face, according to Dave Perkins, associate director of Religion in the Arts and Contemporary Culture, a program housed in Vanderbilt Divinity School. The exhibit also will raise the question of whether the viewer plays a larger role in adding spiritual qualities to the artist’s work.

“It is our hope that when visitors encounter this collection of faces, the life force of these images will be evident,” Perkins said. “We expect that the individual works will speak to each other and together as a group and stimulate conversation on what it is that artists attempt to capture in portraits and what it is that viewers hope to find.”

Featured artists include Jimmy Abegg, Kit Reuther, Buddy Jackson, Samuel Dunson, Todd Greene, Thaxton Waters, Shane Dowling, Jonathan Richter, Jeff Bertrand, DL Taylor, Jason Lott and Timothy Tyler.

The Religion in the Arts and Contemporary Culture Program assists future religious leaders to understand and harness the creativity of the arts for theological reflection and contemporary worship. Equally, it assists practicing artists within the popular culture industry in their exploration of the theological context and religious dimensions of their work. For more information, call 615-322-2776.

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