Amanda Wunder to Lecture on the Spanish Farthingale

wunderAmanda Wunder, assistant professor of history at Lehman College (CUNY) and of art history at the CUNY Graduate Center, will present a lecture entitled “The Rise and Fall of the Spanish Farthingale: Women’s Fashions and Politics in Seventeenth-Century Spain” on Thursday, February 27, at 4:10 pm in 203 Cohen Hall on the Peabody campus. The lecture is cosponsored by the Departments of History of Art, History, and Spanish and Portuguese.

Wunder’s research focuses on the art and culture of early modern Spain. Her completed book manuscript, Worldly Glory: Artists, Aristocrats, and the Creation of Golden-Age Seville, explores artistic and social transformations in Spain’s Atlantic port city from 1503 to 1717. Her current book project, The Spanish Style: The Politics of Extreme Fashion in an Age of Empire, 1492-1700, focuses on textiles, tailoring, and the meaning of clothes in Imperial Spain.

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