HART Students to Present Papers at Writing Symposium March 30

Three of our students—Ashley Shan, Zachary Richards, and Hannah Berg—will present papers at the Undergraduate Writing Symposium held Sunday, March 30, at the Ingram Commons Center. Betsey Robinson, Associate Professor of History of Art, will chair the panel session, Art Across Time and Space, which will meet in room 233 from 4:30-5:30 p.m.

Shan, a sophomore in sociology and history of art, will examine a series of prints by the Japanese artist Yoshitoshi based on her work with Halle O’Neal, Mellon Assistant Professor of History of Art. Her paper is entitled Capturing Uncertainty: Yoshitoshi and his Eimei Nijūsasshūku (Twenty-Eight Famous Murders with Verse).

Zachary Richards, a senior in history of art and philosophy, will speak on an ancient Roman cosmological floor mosaic at Merida, Spain, which he studied with Robinson and saw firsthand thanks to a Downing Grant. His paper is entitled The House of the Mithraeum and Its Cosmological Mosaic: Preserving Pagan Roman Tradition through Art.

Hannah Berg, a senior majoring in psychology and music, will speak on Tibetan amulet boxes and their role in helping their owners assert a physical and spiritual identity. Berg worked with Nancy Lin, Assistant Professor of History of Art, and her paper is entitled Ga’u and Perceived Space in Tibetan Thought.

The symposium features numerous panel sessions from 3 to 5:30 pm followed by closing remarks and a reception for panelists and their guests.

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