Shaneyfelt Examines Workshop Practices in Renaissance Perugia

peruginoAn article by Sheri Shaneyfelt, senior lecturer and director of undergraduate studies, Department of History of Art, was recently published in the March 2015 issue of The Art Bulletin (Volume XCVII, Number 1). The article, “The Società del 1496: Supply, Demand, and Artistic Exchange in Renaissance Perugia,” is part of a larger project on workshop practices in Renaissance Perugia, circa 1480-1520. Shaneyfelt’s research and publications focus on Renaissance Umbria, particularly the school of Perugino.

In May 1496 five local artists opened a shared workshop in Perugia, creating a painters’ cooperative, known as the Società del 1496. An analysis of the formation and operation of their enterprise, their active civic roles, individual and collaborative works and their costs, as well as their interrelations with Perugino, Pintoricchio, and Raphael—the more famous painters active in the city—provide a more complete picture of the society’s integral position in Renaissance Perugia. The result is a greater understanding of how communal artistic production was designed to meet the increasing demand for art in central Italy around 1500.

*Pietro Perugino, The Madonna della Consolazione, 1496-1498, tempera on panel, 146 x 104 cm. Galleria Nazionale dell’Umbria, Perugia.

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