History of Art Major Applied to a Range of Successful Careers

cohen-1Why art history? What is the value of a degree in art history? Can an art history major ever be a powerful ticket to a successful career?

Skills learned in history of art courses were touted by alums from Princeton University’s art history department: “My art history education was the first step in training my eye to recognize the recurring signatures of price movement in the financial markets,” noted Jamie Crapanzano (Princeton, 2000), portfolio manager at Guggenheim Partners. “Majoring in art history brilliantly expanded my ability to solve problems in medicine,” said psychiatrist Jeremy Spiegel (Princeton, 1992), who fondly recalls “the nurturing and consciousness-expanding playpen” of the department of art and archaeology. “Majoring in art history allowed me to relate to and understand the psychology of the creative mind,” said Sara Dennis (Princeton, 1987), who has been senior vice president at top fashion companies, including Lands End.

Kevin Murphy, chair of Vanderbilt’s history of art department, directs our attention to recent articles about successful art history majors: The Huffington Post by Alena Hall; and The Daily Princetonian by W. Barksdale Maynard (Princeton, 1988).

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