Tracy Miller Lectures on Chinese Architectural History in Beijing

Miller posterTracy Miller, associate professor of history of art, was invited to present two lectures on Chinese architectural history at Beijing Technical University (Beijing Gongye daxue) on December 7.

The first lecture was titled “Perfect Geometries and the Blossoming of Buddhist Ritual Space in Medieval China.”   Her other lecture addressed “The New Wheel-Turning Song of Heaven:  Song Taizong’s (r. 976-997) Construction of Imperial Legitimacy and its Architectural Legacy.”

The lectures brought in scholars and students from art history and architectural schools in Beijing, Tianjin, and as far away as Chengdu, Sichuan.  Her presentations were translated into Chinese by Ren Sijie, a doctoral student in Chinese architectural history at the University of Pennsylvania.

Miller’s research focuses on the culture of ritual sites in middle-period China (618-1644), specifically the ways in which identity was expressed visually through the media of temples and their artistic programs.

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