Kevin Murphy: Universities as Vanguards of Historical Preservation

blueprintcampusplanThe current issue of Vanderbilt Magazine (Winter 2016) features an article on a new campus land-use plan entitled “A Plan for All Seasons.”  Speaking at the all-day Vanderbilt University Land Use Symposium held on campus in early November, Kevin Murphy, Andrew W. Mellon Professor of the Humanities and chair of the Department of History of Art, emphasized that land-use plans, especially for centuries-old institutions like universities, often make an important and lasting impact:  “Universities have been, and should continue to be, leaders in terms of preservation as well as incubators of architectural design.”

Murphy led a session entitled “Things of Quality Have No Fear of Time:  Campus Environments, Design and Preservation.” Betsey Robinson, associate professor of history of art and classical studies, also spoke at the symposium, addressing “First Principles:  Lessons in Land Use and Planning from Ancient Greece.”

The symposium was an initial step in the process of developing a campus land use plan, which is intended to articulate a comprehensive vision for the university’s footprint and to provide a basis for campus stewardship that enhances the university’s mission, according to Eric Kopstain, Vice Chancellor for Administration.

*Blueprint of a Vanderbilt University campus plan developed in 1905 by George Kessler

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