“Picturing Our World” Library Exhibit Features Moon Watch and Moon Pie Event on Library Lawn

moonwatchAs part of the current Heard Library exhibit, Picturing Our World, the University community—among them, HART VRC staffers Millie Fullmer and William Sealy—were invited to gaze at the moon through a telescope provided by Vanderbilt’s Dyer Observatory

Viewings of the moon, held March 15 on the library lawn from 7-9 p.m., were led by Billy Teets, VU outreach astronomer, and the entire event coordinated by Mary Anne Caton, senior consultant for educational and interpretive programs at the Heard Library.  Another viewing—that of the sun and starbursts—is scheduled for April 27 from noon to 3 p.m. on the library lawn.

The exhibit, on view through Thursday, April 7, in the Central Library (4th and 2nd floor gallery), invites the community to expand its perceptions of the universe and locations closer to home with the help of digital technology.  Displays range from three-dimensional views of Nashville and the downtown area to the Altazimuth Telescope, one of the instruments purchased for the first observatory on campus and used by E. E. Barnard, Vanderbilt’s first astronomer.

MillieMoonWatchLibraryFrom explorers measuring a pre-industrial world to virtual worlds built with code, technological advances and human ingenuity have heightened our senses, expanding perceptions of the universe and our place in it.  Eden Phillpotts, inspired by the magnifying glass, remarked, “The universe is full of magical things patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper.”  The exhibit invites us to focus our lens on magical things—from planets beyond the stars to the hidden networks binding us together.

Millie Fullmer, assistant curator of visual resources, gazes at the moon from library lawn

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