Elizabeth Moodey Featured Lecturer at University of Wyoming’s Visiting Artists Series

philipthegoodElizabeth Moodey, assistant professor of history of art, was invited by the Department of Art at the University of Wyoming to present a lecture as part of their Visiting Artists Series.  Her lecture on March 9 was entitled “Laying Out the Case for Crusade in a Medieval Chronicle.”

Moodey also taught a seminar in their Northern Renaissance class on mining a series of comic stories from the court of the Duke of Burgundy, Les Cent nouvelles nouvelles (The Hundred New Tales), for evidence in two art history projects.

Moodey teaches the history of illuminated manuscripts, the culture of the Burgundian court, and the art of medieval Europe at Vanderbilt, with an emphasis on materials and technique and questions of patronage.

*Miniature of Philip the Good, Duke of Burgundy (1419-1467).  Attributed to the circle of the Master of the London Wavrin, Bruges (London, British Library:  Harley MS 6199), f. 57v.

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