Expert on Nazi Looted Art to Present Lecture on Tuesday, January 24

The aftermath of Nazi plunder during Hitler’s regime, especially during World War II, still lingers more than 70 years later. Efforts to find looted art and return it to its rightful owners continue on both sides of the Atlantic.

David Glasser, chairman and executive director of the Ben Uri Gallery and Museum of Art in London, will deliver a lecture entitled “Looted Art: Facts, Law and the Moral Imperative” on Tuesday, January 24, at 4:10 pm in Cohen Hall 203. The theme of Glasser’s talk is a call to action. To date, only a small number of the quarter of a million pieces plundered during the Nazi era have been restored. For Glasser, it is an issue of justice that must be pursued and kept alive for generations to come.

Free and open to the public, Glasser’s lecture is cosponsored by the Tennessee Holocaust Commission and Vanderbilt’s History of Art department. For more information, contact Mike Zimmerman, director of education and outreach, Tennessee Holocaust Commission, at 615.854.4263 or email at

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