Solar Eclipse Competitions Celebration Held at The Wond’ry on Monday, April 17

Drawing inspiration from the upcoming August 21st solar eclipse, three student competitions in the areas of creative writing, visual art, and interdisciplinary projects were held this semester, and the winners of each competition will be honored at a celebration hosted by the Vice Provost for Learning and Residential Affairs on Monday, April 17, from 4-5:30 pm at The Wond’ry on the second floor.

Students, judges, administrators, and faculty participating in the competition will celebrate the winners and present awards. The winning writings, art, and innovations will also be on display and/or presented during the celebration.

The three student competitions are: The Sun & the Moon: A poetry and flash fiction contest (Department of English); OBSCURA—an artistic documentation, a cosmic abstraction, an emotional portrait, a spiritual interpretation, or an imagined impression of a solar eclipse (Department of Art); and Solar Expressions: An innovation competition (Interdisciplinary)—creative ways to capture the wonder of the solar eclipse and illuminate its scientific and cultural importance, including a workshop generating creative representations or understandings of the event, a performance-based work in music, dance, or theater, a multimedia work, a game, or a design project.

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