Celebrate the Opening of the 21c Museum Hotel Nashville on Tuesday, May 9

Reimagining the historic Gray & Dudley Building near Printer’s Alley in downtown Nashville: Celebrate at an open house held from 2:30 to 4:30 pm on Tuesday, May 9, featuring self-guided tours of the gallery spaces and guest rooms of the new 21c Museum Hotel, woven into the fabric of downtown Nashville at 221 2nd Avenue North; also experience the suites, including the rooftop 21c suite, and Gray & Dudley restaurant on the tour.

Get an exclusive look at the inaugural exhibition, Truth or Dare: A Reality Show, on a museum tour beginning at 4:30 pm with Alice Gray Stites, 21c museum director and chief curator. The exhibition will include painting, sculpture, photography, video, digital animation, and installations by more than 24 artists that layer fiction with fact, narrating both the complexity and the necessity for seeking and speaking the truth. Through works that simulate games, maps, sleights of the eye and hand, and draw on illusion, the exhibition playfully and thoughtfully navigates the slippery terrain between fantasy and reality.

The chic museum hotel welcomes visitors and locals to enjoy its curated exhibitions, cultural programming and culinary offerings.

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